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There are two varieties that we grow, Nagami and Meiwa. Both are thought to have originated in China but some varieties have come via Japan. The Nagami is... More

Mango Orange
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This orange comes to us from the North African area near the Mediterranean Sea. The Mango orange is a sub-acid orange that allows those that cannot... More

Moro Blood Orange
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The Moro Blood orange is so called because of the color of its flesh which varies from red striped to completely dark red. The outer skin will often be... More

Navel Orange
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Recognizable by the navel (belly button) at the bottom of the fruit, the original navel orange was discovered in Brazil at the turn of the century. One tree... More

TDE Triple Cross
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This fruit is an unusual triple cross of a Temple tangor, a Dancy mandarin and an Encore mandarin (formally known as TDE2 and TDE4). The genetics are... More

Valencia Orange
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This is the original sweet orange from Valencia, Spain that was brought to America in the 16th century, as the Spanish started their conquest of the New... More