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Also spelled Pommelo and Pummelo, the typical Pomelo is larger, sweeter, and less bitter than a grapefruit.

African Shaddock
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This unique fruit was discovered by Captain Shaddock in Southeast Asia and transported to South Africa. It was used as not only a fruit, but also as a room... More

Chandler Pomelo
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This variety of pummelo was developed by the University of California, Riverside and is most widely grown pommelo in the United States. It has relatively few... More

Kao Phuang Pomelo
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A pomelo from Siam. This variety was one of the first pomelos to be grown in our area and the first variety we raised on our initial ten acres. It is a... More

MeloGold Pomelo-Grapefruit
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This a cross of a pomelo and a grapefruit, with the same parentage as the Oro Blanco, both of which are patented varieties of the University of California.... More

Minneloa Tangelo
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W.T. Swingle and others developed the Minneola Tangelo, one of the worlds widest grown citrus hybrids, in 1931, at the USDA facility in Florida. It is a... More

Oro Blanco Pomelo-Grapefruit
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This "White Gold" is one of the two varieties patented by the University of California as a cross between a pomelo and a grapefruit. It is... More

Red Globe Pomelo
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In my opinion, this is one of best pomelos grown. It has a relatively thin skin and is sweet and crunchy. It has a lot of seeds, but it is worth it. Do not... More

Thai Sweet Pomelo
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I discovered this fruit as a single tree in an orchard near Lindsay, California. There is little discussion in any literature, except that Siamese Pink is... More